Seebee: God, what are you wearing, Achbee? That shocking pink will give Saintly a fit.

Achbee: May we please wish our readers first? Good morning readers!

Seebee: Oops! I keep doing that. Hello readers! Now tell me why are you wearing this shocking pink shirt?

Achbee: Couldn’t find anything else, therefore…

Seebee: What will Saintly say?

Achbee: She’ll probably jump out of the window. Ha…Ha… Readers, Saintly is a colleague of ours, she is kind of weird.

Seebee: Weird! She’s a pain in everyone’s bum.

Achbee: Hey! You can’t use the word ‘bum’ in the article.

Seebee: Be grateful I didn’t use the word that is supposed to be used in this phrase. So there! And bum happens to be a part of the body and is a decent word, so chill and don’t act like Saintly.

Achbee: Has anyone ever told you that you’re completely mad and incorrigible (irredeemable).

Seebee: You keep telling me that every now and then.

Achbee: But readers what CB is saying is true; the lady seems to have an opinion on everything.

Seebee: Yeah! Really. You should see her whispering her opinions gleefully (excitedly) into people’s ears.

Achbee: Do you realise, we’re gossiping?

Seebee: You bet we are! What’s wrong with a little harmless tattletale (gossiping), though?

Achbee: Sweetheart, do you know that all gossipmongers think like that.

Seebee: (Makes a face) I just wanted the readers to know about her.

(While Achbee and Seebee are talking to each other, Saintly enters)

Saintly: What are the two of you up to?

Achbee: We’re chatting with our readers. Would you like to introduce yourself to them?

Saintly: No thanks, I’m fine.

Seebee: Of course you are fine, Saintly. But now that you’re here, why don’t you get to know the readers?

Saintly: (Gives a supercilious look) If you insist. Myself Mrs Saintly, I am working with Achbee and Seebee. Achbee, I am very boring, I want to have a coffee. If Sir asks for me, tell him I’m in the canteen.

Achbee: Sure, Saintly. I’ll do that.

(The moment saintly leaves, Achbee and Seebee burst out laughing)

Seebee: Boring! Was she making a confession? Ha…

Achbee: She meant that she was bored, silly. I suppose she just got mixed up with the tenses.

Seebee: Oh, my sweet and kind HB! She got mixed up, did she? How about ‘myself Mrs Saintly’? She got mixed up there too? And ‘a coffee’…

Achbee: Readers, don’t listen to Seebee. Saintly is not all that bad, I have a feeling that she suffers from some kind of complex and says and does things to get importance.

Seebee: Tch..tch… Poor Saintly, a babe in the woods, isn’t she? Why don’t you teach her that one can’t introduce oneself with Mrs or Mr And also that it’s not ‘a coffee’, it’s ‘some coffee.

Achbee: Yeah! That’s wrong. Like if a person called Shyam Mehra, introduces himself with ‘I am Mr Shyam’, he makes two mistakes.

Seebee: One- Never address yourself with ‘Mr’ or ‘Miss’ that’s for others to do. You can say, ‘I am Shyam Mehra’.

Achbee: Two- ‘Mr’ or ‘Ms’ is to be used with the surname or the first name and the surname but never with the first name alone. So, ‘Mr Shyam’ is incorrect.

Seebee: Which means, you could say, ‘Mr Shyam Mehra’ or ‘Mr Mehra’.

Achbee: All this talk of Saintly is making me feel terrible. Let’s call it a day now.

Seebee: Okay! Bye for now.


A and S

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