Pitthu & Bittu ~ Who Are We?



My name is Pitthu. I am five years old. Everyone thinks that I’m too small, but I know that i’m not. Sometimes, my family, especially Raman bhaiya, do weird stuff and think that I don’t understand what they are doing. Maybe not the whole thing, but I do know that what they, especially Raman bhaiya, are doing is not something they want the others to know.

I have a sister, Pitthu. She is eight years old. I like her sometimes, but most of the times, she is irritating. She cries for small things and wants to be hugged by mummy. It’s not that I don’t like to be hugged, but not all the time.

Sometimes, when mummy puts us to bed, I act as if I’ve gone off to sleep. I wait for mummy to kiss my forehead before I sit back again and think of the day’s happenings. I don’t know why I do that, but I like to reflect upon the whole day. So, while I sit, Pitthu jiji, I call her jiji in front of everyone, sleeps. She cuddles up to her doll and sleeps, such a baby she is.

My family is a joint family. Miss Bedi taught us about nuclear family and joint family and when I did not understand, she made me draw two pictures. In the first picture I drew Papa, mummy, Pitthu and myself and in the second picture I.

The 15 short stories revolve around the lives of Pitthu and Bittu, a brother and sister duo. Bittu is five and Pitthu is eight. The two, despite being at loggerheads with each other, most of the time, are quite inseparable. They are the only kids in a huge family that lives jointly. The short stories are a take on the children’s views of the adult world. The stories also reflect upon the fact that the children take in and understand all that is happening around them, especially in the lives of the grown- ups. They are sometimes more adult than the adults, it is the adults who seem to forget their own childhood and behave obnoxiously forgetting that the children understand everything…

The 15 short stories are, at times, thought provoking and, at others, humorous. The stories are reflections of Bittu, the five year old boy. It is he who narrates the stories to the readers and shares his opinion of the elders around him.

Read on to know more about Pitthu and Bittu’s discovery of the world of the grown ups…

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