Hi! See what a good teacher I am. I’m giving you two more days to send in your entries for ‘the corrected letter’ by ‘Surendra Prasad’. Your letters should reach me latest by Sunday evening. So how’s it going? Exam times are here — both for the students and for the parents. After all, even parents have to follow a strict regime (routine) during the exam days — no guests, no parties, no movies, no eating out and, of course, no television.

Do you know there are hundreds of English words that have actually been taken from Hindi, which means that they are originally Hindi words but are now accepted in English. You can find them in reputed (respected) English dictionaries now. Some of them are:

Brahmin, cheetah, chutney, cot (which has been taken from original ‘khat’), dharma, guru, loot, jungle, karma, thug, swastika, sari, sati…and so many more.

We Indians are very lucky. Our own languages test our pronunciation so much that surely English should come easy to us. It’s just that we have a mind block that English is tough.

Let’s take the word ‘education’ for example. It’s easy to pronounce, isn’t it? Now, let’s look at words with the same meaning in some Indian languages.

1. In Tamil
Kalvi or paddippu (colloquial)

2. In Malayalam

3. In Marathi and Gujarati

4. In Hindi and Bengali
Shiksha but pronounced as ‘shikkha’ in Bengali

So you see that English per se (by itself) is very simple. It’s just the perception (image) of it that you hold of it that makes it sound complex.

You can refer to these books for vocabulary:
•   Six Weeks towards Words of Power by Wilfred Funk
•   Word Smart: Building an Educated Vocabulary by Adam Robinson
•   1000 Most Important Words by Norman W Schur
•   Bringing Words to Life: Robust Vocabulary Instruction by Isabel L Beck
•   Words for Smart Test Takers 2nd Edition (Academic  Test Preparation Series) by Stewart
•   Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis
•   Verbal Advantage: 10 Steps to a Powerful Vocabulary by Charles Harrington Elster

Read these books. They’ll great help. But remember, unless you use the words regularly, it’ll be just a waste of time and money.

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