Good morning!
There are some situations that are so mirthful (funny, joyful) that they leave you with tears of laughter. This is what happened to me when I read the mail of a participant in one of my workshops. “The first session was good, I hope you won’t disappoint me with your teaching even later,” were the words… Well, I just felt like a child being warned by my dad (I could visualise the raised eyebrow). It was funny and I couldn’t help but guffaw. Nah, I don’t think too much of myself (to be conceited or stuck up), but what I do know is that 90 per cent success in any given discipline depends on the student and only 10 per cent can be given to the teacher.

Also, you cannot learn when you’re judging. To become an able learner is a journey in itself; most people fail because they’re sceptical. If I decide to join a course as a student, I have to do a favour to myself and stop being a judge and get into the mode of a learner, which means following instructions, participating in activities with aplomb and bringing out that little child inside me who has gone lost in the maze (confusion) of adulthood. Moving on to mommies! Yes you got it right; I did say ‘mommies’. (Don’t ask me why I prefer the American ‘Mommy’ to the British ‘Mummy’; I’m trying to figure out the answer too.) Anyway, there are concerned mommies who keep writing to me and I thought that it would be a good idea to bring their queries here in the column.

After all, all of us mommies are nearly the same.

Mommy number one: Should my teenaged daughter read the new novel on the shelves Fifty Shades of Grey? Me: I don’t know whether to answer this question in negative or positive. The bestselling novel has been written by the British author Erica Mitchell who writes under the pseudonym (penname, assumed name) E L James. Ok, let me say that I wouldn’t allow my teenaged daughter to read the novel, not just yet. But then, I’d prefer that she has my permission to read it rather than read it without my knowledge. If I were you, I’d reason with my daughter and tell her to wait for a few more years; perhaps, she’ll understand.

Mommy number tw My son loves to watch English movies and refuses to pay any heed to what I say. Every time, I admonish him, he answers back and says ‘it’ll improve my English’. I don’t think it’s a good idea for him to watch so many English movies, some scenes in the English movies are not meant for children.

Me: True, some scenes (violent and erotic) are not meant for kids and should be avoided. But then, all movies say whether they’re certified to be watched by the children. So, you can be firm on that. However, if your kid happens to be above 18 then he’s an adult, even though, he may still be a baby to you.

Also, your son’s right. Watching English movies will help him learn English; they’ll improve his vocabulary (good and bad), pronunciation and fluency. Watching movies with subtitles in English is a good idea. With this I wind up for the day. Mommies, keep writing to me and don’t worry; your babies will do just fine.

Keep smiling…

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