Stop Crying at your Workplace by Surabhi Pillai



Our personality is made of a number of things. Most of us believe that personality depends on ‘appearance’, this, actually, is a fallacy. Personality entails a lot more than just appearance. Your personality is made up of how you view things, your attitude towards life, your behavior with people and a host of other things.

Today, I shall take up some of these aspects of our personality.

1. Professional Attitude: The other day, I went for training to a company and the HR girl was crying her eyes out. I asked her if all was well and she said, “Yes!” But sitting at her desk in everyone’s view, she was howling. Some were showing concern, some others were hiding there laughter…

No, this is just not professional. If your personal issues are so overwhelming that you can’t control yourself then you must stay at home. Making a spectacle of yourself at your workplace is a BIG NO. People form an opinion and then treat you likewise. What is this crying for small things?

– Boss yells at you, you cry.
– A colleague is nasty, you cry.
– You have issues at home, you cry.

Come on, ladies, a few of you crying on stuff like that ruins the reputation of all other women. So, take a break and get your emotions sorted. Your work place is not the right place to let your emotions run amok.

2. Having an opinion on everything: Do you know sometimes people just want you to listen to them, they want neither your opinion nor advice. So take a chill pill and keep your opinion to yourselves. Unless asked for it, keep your advice with you too. Listening is one of the most important components of communication, develop your listening skills. Similarly, unless asked for specifically, stay away from passing comments on people’s appearance. It’s simply rude. No one likes being told that they have become fat or bald. Trust me, such things are known to them, so why spoil the mood?

3. Assumption: This is one of the most dangerous of all the personality traits. You and I often assume things. If someone does not return your smile, you assume she is being mean. If someone doesn’t take your call, you assume he is avoiding you. Don’t assume. Give everyone the benefit of doubt and stop taking everything so seriously. I’m telling you, you’ll be happier.

So this is it.
Keep smiling…

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