There are people who love to read, there are those who cultivate (develop) the habit of reading and then there are some for whom reading is akin (similar) to a lullaby (soothing song, which puts a child to sleep). When these people start reading, they slip (fall) into a dreamless sleep.

Whichever category we may fall into, all of us understand the necessity of reading. Whether to learn a language or to gain knowledge or to acquire (get) the art of communication, reading is imperative (important). So how and where do we start reading from?

Ideally, one should start reading at a very early age; however, if that has not been the case, it is not too late to start now. First select an area which interests you. I am sure, all of you watch movies! Now, consider (think) what kind of movies do you like? Related to what subject? It could be a variety of themes (subjects) that interest you, or it could be one particular theme.

Once you have identified what topic it is that you would like to read on, the task becomes easier. Select a book of a similar topic. I would prefer that you start reading a novel, you can actually hear the characters talking to each other, which itself is a great way to learn English.

If you are not used to reading, time and again (again and again) you will find excuses to put your book down, but once the story grips (interests) you; you are home safe (your main problem is dealt with). That is why read a novel that is enjoyable, a novel that makes you turn pages one after the other, to know what is going to happen next.

I am now going to suggest a few authors and titles, you could choose from, or you could just go to a book shop or a library and browse (look around) through, to see what interests you. The books I am suggesting are mostly the ones, I feel, are attention grabbing (interesting) and will keep you hooked (keen, make you want to read) on.

In order of simplicity of English: (Some of these authors / books will be in the children’s section, please do not let this deter (discourage) you from picking them up.

•  All titles by Ruskin Bond
•  All titles by Chetan Bhagat
•  All titles by R K Narayan
•  Inscrutable Americans by Anurag Mathur
•  Book of Rachel by Esther David
•  All titles by Enid Blyton
•  All titles by Charles Dickens
•  Comics like Tintin and Amar Chitra Katha

As of now, please start from here. There are other brilliant authors, which we shall read together as time goes by.
For today:
•  Select a book and start reading.
•  Please continue reading even if you do not understand most of the words and do not sit with a dictionary.

Happy Reading!

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