The Naughty Bird

Once while looking for a pleasant habitat, a bird happens to see a huge palace. The palace rested on the banks of a flowing River, surrounded by lush green trees. The bird saw the palace and immediately liked it; she decided to make the palace her home, until she got bored of it; which she knew would be a long time from now!

So the bird hopped and flew and came to stand on one of the tallest pillars of the palace, from here she could see the entire palace, the bird was so enamored by the beauty of the palace that she stood gazing at it for hours and hours, until she started feeling hungry. Hence she decided to choose a nice place for herself in the large palace, before she did something about her hunger pangs!

Thus once again the bird looked around; she could see many large rooms and palatial suits. But from among all, the bird liked one the best! The suit the bird chose for herself was so stunning that the bird flew round and round it, prying at every nook and corner and regaling in the suit’s splendor; little realizing that as she flew she was showered the beautiful suite with her droppings. At the end the bird selected a secluded corner behind a large bed in a very large room to make a nest for herself.

As the dusk settled, the bird heard sounds of footsteps coming towards the room. And it saw some five men dressed in soldiers’ uniform enter the room, they checked the room, opened the cupboards and the attached bathroom and went out again. Immediately afterwards, in the room entered a giant- like man in a regal attire, he had big bush moustache as he walked the furniture in the room shook. The bird huddled in her corner, frightened of the huge man!

She heard the giant- like man speaking- “You may go now!”

The soldiers bowed in front of the man and answered- “Yes O! Divine King!”

“Oh! So he is the king!” thought the bird. Silently without making a sound, she sat and watched the king from her small nest. She saw the king going to the bathroom and then emerging back from it. The bird nearly giggled when she saw the king’s big- round pot belly, he scratched his nose as his moustache tickled inside it, and belched loudly.

“Oh! What a horrible king.” Thought the bird! “How can a king be so fat and ill- mannered!”

Suddenly the bird froze, the king was screaming loudly- he screamed and screamed till his voice went hoarse and his soldiers came running inside, nearly toppling over each other!

“What is this on my bed, messy and smelly?” yelled the king

One of the soldiers peered on the bed and trembling said- “I think that’s a bird’s droppings, Oh! Divine King!”

The king picked up his sward and growled- “How did a bird dropping come into my room? Who cleans my room? I want that person to be hanged.”

The cleaner was summoned in the king’s quarters, the cleaner was a tiny lady, who stood quietly and cried while the king roared at her and threatened her with death.

“O! The Divine King! I swear that when I left the room the bed was as clean as white snow. I don’t know how the bird dropping came here.” And the poor woman cried and cried, but the king was beyond any compassion he ordered his soldiers to take the woman to the goals and hang her the next morning. The woman’s pleas fell deaf on his fat ears.

The bird could not take it any longer, she could not stand and watch a helpless cleaner woman being punished for no fault of hers; therefore; the bird decided to take matters in her own hands. She quickly flew out of her hiding place and sat on the sill as she felt safer here! Nobody noticed the tiny bird, so she cleared her throat and said-

“Why are you punishing this poor cleaner woman Oh! Divine King? It is not her fault. It is I who made that mess and I am sorry.”

Everyone turned at the sound of her voice, the king almost fell down from shock when he saw the bird, but then gaining back his equilibrium he said- “So it is you who has done this! You will be punished!”

The bird appealed- “Please O! Divine King! Forgive me, for I did not realize what I had done! I promise I will be careful in future.”

“Future! You think you have any future now! You silly little twit! You will be slain now! Go and get her!” The king barked and ordered his soldiers.

By now the bird had lost her temper too and her anger made her lose all the fear she had of the king. She made up her mind to teach the vain king a lesson!

“Now you shall learn to be humble and nice O! King! You just wait and watch.” Declared the bird!

The king was so stunned and angry at the audacity of the bird that he could barely speak, yet he motioned his soldiers to go after the bird. The soldiers ran behind the bird, but to no avail the bird was quicker she flew and sat on the fan.

The angry king barked- “Put on the fan.”

The moment the fan was switched on the bird flew and sat on the ventilator. The soldiers ran round and round, as the bird took them on a wild goose chase! The soldiers sweated and panted but couldn’t catch the bird; meanwhile the king was getting angrier and angrier. The more his temper rose, the more he forgot about his stately position.

After a while, to everyone’s astonishment the king also started chasing the bird, he jumped on the chairs and tables and couches with his fat and podgy body shaking all over, at the end he grew so tired that he thumped and sat on the floor. He was so exhausted, yet he kept on bellowing between his irregular breadths-

“Run you fools! I want that bird captured! And I want her wings clipped!”

With great difficulty and owing to the birds own fatigue, the soldiers were able to catch the bird at last. They brought the bird to the out of breadth king!

“Colour her in yellow colour, she will look pale and deathly in it! Ordered the king!

The soldiers were taken aback at this strange punishment but they knew better than to ask! “Probably all the running had affected the King’s mind!” They thought!

So the bird was put in the yellow colour. But to everyone’s surprise the bird started singing-

“Oh! What a feat! I am wearing a yellow dress! Oh! What a feat I am wearing a yellow dress!

The king who was watching this scene, furiously told the soldiers to now put her in blue colour, so she was put in blue colour. But once again the bird sang:

“Oh! What a feat I am wearing a blue dress! Oh! What a feat I am wearing a blue dress!

By now the king was getting hyper. He told his tired soldiers to fry the bird in ghee and serve her to him.

The tired soldiers took the bird to the royal kitchen to be fried in ghee, but the bird instead of being scared hopped and played in the ghee and sang:

“Oh! What a feat I am being fried in the ghee! Oh! What a feat I’m being fried in the ghee!

The bird was served to the King, it was leaping and playing so much that the king swallowed her without chewing. Now the king was happy, he had at last vanquished the silly bird. Suddenly he jumped; something was fluttering inside his stomach. He fat king shrieked with pain and fright while the bird created a chaos in his stomach.

Once again the king called his soldiers and ordered them to stand in his toile with their sward, he told them that while he shat they should be ready with their weapons and the moment the bird came out they should kill her.

Following the orders, the unfortunate soldiers couldn’t even tie a piece of cloth on their nose, for fear of the king’s wrath! So they pulled out their swards and waited for the bird to come out. They waited and waited till the bird came, but to their chagrin and ill- fate the moment it came out it flew and sat on the shower and the swards of the soldiers cut a piece each from the poor king’s prosperous bums.

And while the king cried and abused his soldiers in pain the bird flapped its wings and sang in joy:

“Oh! What a feat while the vain king stands with half his bum, I’m safe and pleased! Oh! What a feat while the vain king stands with half his bum, I’m safe and pleased…!”




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