Toilet Roll or लोटा by Surabhi Pillai (Swachhata Abhiyan)

Toilet Roll or लोटा

Valid question. Which is cleaner?

Okay, so most of us, Indians, would vouch for the ‘lota’ and smirk and say, “Oh! We’re so clean.” Paani se zyada kuch bum ko saaf kar sakta hai?” Nahi na… to bus. Hum sabse clean hain.

Sadly, we can go around blowing our own trumpet and blah blahing about how clean we are; however, the statistics say otherwise.

One of the most unhygienic habit of ours is cleaning with hand, after all we’re “soooo” clean, तो अपने हाथ से ज़्यादा किस पे भरोसा करें. So, we wash our shit with water (using our hand) and make sure there is no leftovers sticking inside. Great! And then we go and wash our hands with a small soap like thing that is used by several other people. So, we’re actually putting other people’s shit on our hands. Wow! Aren’t we CLEAN. Ah, yes, there are places with liquid soap, but it (the liquid soap, what else?) doesn’t remain for long as we like to take back home souvenirs from malls and other places.

Of course, there are water jets now, but then what if they leave some shit behind? Therefore, we use the water jet and we still use our hands and we refuse to use the toilet role as it’s dirty to use paper. So, we use the water jet and throw water all over the toilet and roam around with a wet panty/ undie all day long. Now that’s super hygienic, isn’t it? Bus, bum saaf ho gaya, baki sab gaya bhaar mein…

What am I talking about? Well, about general perception of cleanliness that most people have. We complain and complain and complain… “Indian toilets are so dirty… I went to Singapore and the toilets were so clean”. Yeah, right buddy. Indian toilets themselves become dirty, they shit and splash water themselves.

BTW, have you ever wondered who uses them? Just for your information, it’s you and I. So, stop acting as if you’re the wronged one and accept that it’s we who are responsible for this mess.

To cut the long story short, which is better, toilet roll or लोटा? Doctors say, it’s best to use a water jet (minus the hand) and wipe clean (front to back) with a toilet paper. So, my dear ‘swachchta ke pujari’ friends, use your hands for better things, why spoil them when you have a water jets and, yes, to ensure that all is well down there and your panties/ undies remain dry, use a toilet roll.

Other uses of toilet roll: 1. Spray a disinfectant and wipe the toilet seat. Now you don’t have to spoil the floor. 2. If you ‘accidentally’ splashed water on the seat, use the toilet paper to wipe it clean. 3. In case of emergency, use it as a sanitary napkin.

Arey haan, टॉयलेट रोल से इन्फेक्शन nahi hota (if you know how to use it), they’re made up of safe- bio degradable material. And, wait, do wash your hands with soap and water. Wait again, since we don’t know if there’ll be soap available, carry your own soap strips. An itna to karna parega yaar, apni ‘swacchchta’ ki reputation ko maintain karney ke liye.

Keep smiling…

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