Hello! A letter that I received by mail and the corrections made:

Dear Madam,

Apropos of your article in mirror dated on 5th feb, I am writing to u to thank you for enlightening me with ur knowledge and expertise in english language.I have been reading ur articles for a long time now, and every new article of urs that i read adds new words to my vocabulary.

Madam, i would like to tell u dat i’ve also been reading english dictionary, going through each n every word to increase my vocabulary, but the problem with it is, i end up knowing the meaning of words but how to use it in forming sentences, which preposition it will take and so on, remains unraveled like a mystery.

So would you please suggest me a comprehensive lexicon that i can feed myself of to satisfy my disgruntled appetite for learning english.

I know u’ll notice many mistakes in my mail, but i’m hopeful that u’ll forward me a rectified replica of my mail, so i can come to know what are my shortcomings.

Thanking u in anticipation.

I have made a few corrections and changes in the letter, here it is:

Dear Madam,

This is regarding your article of the 5th of February. I would like to thank you for teaching us English language.

I have been reading your articles for a long time now, and every new article of yours that I read, adds new words to my vocabulary. Madam, I would like to tell you that I’ve also been going through the English dictionary, which has added to my vocabulary. The problem is, that despite getting the meaning of a word, I am unable to put it to use in a sentence of my own. I remain clueless as to how to use it and what preposition to use with it.

So could you suggest some way that will help me to not only understand the meaning of a particular word, but also help me use the word? This will help me out, as I am keen to learn good English.

I am sure that you will find a lot of mistakes in my letter, but kindly correct the letter and send it back to me — so that I may understand and rectify/ set right my errors.

Thank you

Inravadan, thank you for your letter, it’s a well written letter. For the next time, keep a few things in mind:

1. Avoid using business jargons, like apropos (regarding), thanking you in anticipation; instead use words that communicate easily.

2. Use simpler vocabulary as it helps in the clarity of meaning, also because, at times, the usage may not fit in the context of the sentence. Like — ‘unraveled like a mystery’ is quite unnecessary.

3. When writing a formal letter, do not use the sms language.

Please keep writing.

For now, this is it.

Keep smiling…

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