Welcome to My Blog


It’s been years since I’ve been wanting to start a blog, at last I’m here…

Well, it’s a sunny and pleasant winter morning and I’m keying in this blog to start the process of blogging. If you’re reading this I welcome you aboard.

My blog’s going to talk about your favorite topics, like- English (pronunciation, accents, vocabulary and all). In short, about topics that are related to career enhancement, polishing oneself and of course making oneself more ‘employable’.

Actually, what exactly does being ‘employable’ mean?

Here you are:

You already have the professional skill that is required to get a job. So then

Why are you finding it hard to get a job?


Why you aren’t satisfied with the kind of mileage you should get at your work place?


Why do you keep wanting to be as suave as some people you know?


Why does that tiny voice inside your head keep nagging you to be better?

Is there something extra you need to acquire in yourself? Do you need to get hold of that something unique or enviable that makes you stand apart and makes you a cynosure of all eyes? No, sure you don’t expect to become a film star, but a star amongst your own people?

Let’s see if the below listed topics that may happen to be your bête noir?

  • Excellent communication skills (talking to one and all, you know…)
  • Fluent English (minus the grammar mistakes, minus the false American twang)
  • A superb personality (that makes heads turn)
  • Impeccable manners (excuse messs, thank yousss and pleasesssss)
  • Cleanliness (ugh…)
  • Appearance (you can’t go wrong with that)
  • Color co- ordination (pink and red together? Phleaze!)
  • Body odor (you can’t be stinking…)
  • Confidence level (you’re either too much of me- me- me… or invisible)
  • Positivity (is bending threateningly southwards)
  • Inspiration (you constantly need that… we all do)

Ah, well, there are others too. But broadly speaking the above are the topics I’ll discuss the most.

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