Workplace Bullies…


Workplace bullies…

These guys are like smelly f…s. Yes, they are. You could meet them in elevators, work place, schools or colleges and just about anywhere. Your discomfort is what they feed on, so the more uncomfortable you get and run away from them, the stronger they will become. If your kids or anyone close to you is getting bullied, ‘please’ don’t tell them to ignore the bullies. That’s not how you deal with the bullies, you have to catch them by their horns and teach them a lesson.

Yeah, it can be bad, really- really bad. You or the person getting bullied may go into depression and may even fall sick because of constant harassment. You have to understand that the only way to deal with the bullies is by dealing with them. They are mostly all gas and no substance and more like barking dogs. Which is why you’ll never see a bully alone, he or she will always be in a group, a bully can never attack alone. It is for this reason that bullies mostly target individuals who prefer staying alone or have fewer friends.

Let me list down different types of bullies and ways of dealing with them.

Workplace bullies-

  1. They’ll talk nasty behind your back in such that they’ll either brand you as the villain/ vamp or the joker.
  2. They’ll make you feel uncomfortable by giggling or alienating you from conversations.
  3. They will hide vital information from you and make the most of your absence.
  4. They’ll act super cute in front of the boss and will ensure that they drop some element of complain against you in the boss’s mind. That’s it… you won’t understand why is the boss giving you dirty looks or completely bizarre tasks to do?
  5. They’ll pass snide remarks or taunt you on topics that are sure to bring tears to your eyes.
  6. Nastier and more vicious bullies will openly challenge you.

Ways to deal with the workplace bullies:

  1. DO NOT be afraid of them.
  2. Try talking to them with logic and tell them that they are being unprofessional.
  3. Learn to answer back and catch them off-guard with topics that make them uncomfortable.
  4. Acquire communication skills and body language that says ‘don’t mess with me’.
  5. Be terrific in your work and kill them with success.
  6. If you cannot handle the things yourself, tell the boss. Most of the bosses can handle this situation.

School and college bullies-

  1. These are nastier than workplace bullies as they are too young to care about the repercussions.
  2. They will openly make fun of your child and make his/ her time in school/ college unbearable.
  3. They will laugh if they catch your child making mistakes and may even play nasty pranks that will make your child feel completely stupid and out of place.
  4. They will openly make fun of your child. They will try and alienate your child by even trying to win over a few friends that he/ she have.
  5. They will pass nasty comments about your child, his/ her looks, clothes, even you (parents) and anything and everything that can hurt your child.
  6. And, God help your child if they know some secret of your child.

Ways to deal with the school/ college bullies:

  1. Tell your child NOT be afraid of the bullies.
  2. When your kid confides in you, don’t take it lightly. Tell the school/ college authorities and follow- up with your child if the bullying has stopped. Tell your child not to put up with even the smallest of giggle that is aimed at making him feel uncomfortable.
  3. Make sure that the school/ college authorities know that you will not tolerate any kind of mental harassment of your child.

Bullying can have terrible results. Forget about children, even grown- ups go into complete depression when subjected to bullying. But remember this very simple thing that bullies are inherently weak people who lack confidence, so the moment they see a person whom they can play power games with, they grab the opportunity. The key is to let them know that you are not their ideal candidate, this you can only do by being confident and firm. All the best…

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