Your child is not a parrot…

Yes, every child has his or her own personality that is obviously not the same as that of the parents. You and I need to ensure that we don’t tread on our kids’ natural personality, instead we groom their personality in such a way that they are able to mold their attitudes according to the situations.
Sadly, in our zeal to make are kids compete with the world, we end up making them into parrots. So when they’re toddlers, we make them recite poems (That can be very bugging to listeners. For your kid’s talent could be fascinating to you, but may not be to the others…) and when they grow up, we nag them to be the best and compare them with all and sundry.
Only if we could allow our kids to learn naturally, without unwanted pressure and irritating comparison… Grooming our kids to become “Fluent English Speakers, Excellent Public Speakers, Confident Stage Performers and Well- mannered Individuals” is what our aim should be. Excelling is important as these will stay with them life long and will make them shine in their chosen professions.
Most of the times, the holiday courses that we choose for our kids have only short term benefits. We should choose courses that have long term benefits and life- long credibility. Okay, so I learnt Kathak as a kid and I learnt it for six long years, but had I taken up the dance form formally, it would have been awesome. However, it never became my profession and though I believe that it was a great time I had learning it, yet had I spent the same time in learning to speak well and presentation then I would not have had to go through the tortures of on the job training and wasted so many years of my professional life.
Nope, I’m not saying don’t learn things that you will not later use in life, what I’m saying is that together with those also pick up courses that will put your kids in an advantageous positions. Courses like:
  Speak fluent English
  Write well
  Have a good & confident personality
  Table manners
  Social etiquette
  Leadership qualities
  Listening skills
  Positive communication
  Respect and acknowledgement
  Positive attitude
Well, these are a few that will ensure that your kids grow up to be ‘employable’ or ‘entrepreneurable’.
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